SECONDARY Year 7 – 9


Excel Withus Secondary courses for students in grades 7-9 are designed to help develop the reading, writing, and mathematical skills necessary to excel in high school.


  • Aims to prepare students for VCE English by analysing language and learning different forms of writing
  • Selected class materials and learning texts help students to build up essential techniques in Analysing, Responding and Essay writing
  • Accelerated Maths program to help student master secondary maths in an effective and efficient way.
  • Every lesson has been planned carefully in a manner that will best allow students to absorb key knowledge




  • Stage 1 – Study area

Different types of writing

Different types of text


Grammar and Vocabulary


  • Stage 2 – Study area

Reading and creating

  • Narrative/Creative

Analytical text response

Writing the essay


  • Stage 3 – Study area

Comparative text response

Argument/Persuasive languages

Writing an analysis



  • Year 7 Math – 30 weeks program

Topics including: Consumer Mathematics, Algebra, Equations, Rates and Speed, Negative numbers, Ratio, Similarity and congruency…

  • Year 8/9 Math – 40 weeks program

Topics including: Indices, Real Numbers, Pythagoras theorem, Trigonometry, Probability, Quadratic equations, Measurement, Factorisation…